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Sara Milk


sustainable fashion

Clean beauty

"Seamlessly blends products and

services into her everyday life"

content creation photos


Sara is wearing Aerie swimwear during her vacation in Puerto Rico; showcased on her Instagram and Youtube


In collaboration with Korean Jewelry designer Jiwon Choi, Sara is gifted her jewelry and created multiple looks


In collaboration with high fashion and lifestyle photographer blogger, Sara is posing for her Instagram


Sara's everyday bag while completing her Bachelor's in University was the Black Kanken!

"Not only is she creative, but shows bursting personality"


Sara is consistently working out at her local Pilates Studio, sharing her amazing wellness and health experience


Sara visits her newest local restaurant in Daegu, South Korea! She loved their food and snapped a few shots at their "insta-worthy" location


Sara is wearing one of her favorite Korean fashion label, Around101.


Sara loves her Diptyque, starting from the parfums all the way to the candles.

"She interacts with the products"

content creation videos


Sara shares her new favorite seltzer to the world! Not only were they Asian flavors inspired, but they were also 100 calories!


Sara gets asked how she styles her bangs all the time, perfect chance to show everyone the hair straightener she swears by!


Sara is serious about her hair! She strives to keep her hair healthy by using clean products only

"Her transparency is the reason why I trust her"


Sara is all about having fun with wellness and beauty. Looking and feeling beautiful should always be a fun and worthwhile process!

haircare routine

Sara isn't afraid to share what works for her. She always carefully researches her brands to make sure they are clean!

what i eat in a day

Although Sara has her down days, she is interested in wellness through food. One of her hobbies is cooking

jewelry tour

Sara is a big fan of jewelry! Rings are her favorite pieces to wear because you get 10 fingers to wear 10 different rings!

career growth

Sara promotes career growth and finding a job that aligns with your short-term and long-term goals

"... most of all, she makes me watch the entire video!"

Sara is from Daegu, South Korea, making her bilingual in Korean and English. Her comfort food is Kimchi Jjigae and Gopchang. She has a degree in Management and Marketing; with experience with working in both the corporate and retail world. She is currently working as a full-time Client Advisor for a well-known luxury brand and building a website for affiliate marketers.

In her free time, she enjoys staying in-tune with her body by doing Pilates and cooking with fresh ingredients at home. She began her journey as a content creator late 2020, quickly gaining an audience of 30k+ on TikTok within a year due to her background as a Korean-American creator living in Dallas.

Hi! I'm Sara

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